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What if I suffer a relapse or recurrence of my work injury?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Connecticut workers who have suffered an injury on the job can seek workers’ compensation benefits. These payments can be a lifesaver for injured workers and their families as they will let them get the medical care they need and receive part of their wages while they recover.

Depending on the severity of the injury and their prospects for recovery, they can get extensive medical care and rehabilitation and various levels of disability payments.

For example, a worker who has been judged to have temporary total disability can get three-quarters of their weekly wages after taxes and Social Security. This can last for a full year.

There are frequent obstacles that arise as part of the process. One common scenario involves a worker who gets treatment for their injury or condition, gets back to work and then suffers a recurrence or relapse.

How does workers’ compensation address relapse or recurrence?

According to Connecticut law, an employee who was approved for workers’ compensation benefits and then suffered a recurrence or relapse after returning to work can get their benefits again.

To be eligible, the worker must be totally or partially incapacitated. If they can prove this, the can once more receive 75% of their average weekly earnings from the date they were injured or when they relapsed – whichever is higher.

If it is total incapacity, they will get the maximum rate. There can also be cost of living increases as needed.

Some injuries are clearer than others with a reasonable expectation of when they will recover. Other injuries are not as easy to assess and recover from. If it is a head injury or a back injury, then there could be a limit to how much better it will get.

Broken bones, cuts and bruises can also have underlying aftereffects that negatively impact a person’s ability to get back to the same job. Even if the person thinks they are back to full health, an injury can recur or relapse, leaving them back in the same position they were in right after they were hurt.

People facing this challenge should be aware of the law.

Professional guidance can be key

Getting workers’ compensation benefits is not a simple matter of filling out a few forms and getting approved.

There is great nuance in these cases and there are frequent disputes over the extent of the injury, how long the worker should be off the job, how much treatment is needed, what they should receive in terms of payment while they are getting benefits, and many other issues.

Workers must understand their rights and know how to get and maximize their workers’ compensation payments.

People in physically taxing jobs like construction, warehousing, trucking, maintenance, repairs and other industries can be hurt on the job.

These injuries can hinder people of any age and leave them wondering how they can get the medical care they need and cover their expenses.

Those who have gotten treatment and believe they made a full recovery might be surprised when they get back on the job and experience a recurrence or relapse and again need workers’ compensation benefits.

Some employers and insurers might question the worker and wonder if the injuries are legitimate. At any point in a workers’ compensation case, having professional help can be crucial to the claim.