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Connie J

Christine Conley is the most amazing attorney I have ever met! She is hard working and doesn’t stop until the client is satisfied. Her assistant is always available when Christine is not. The entire office is professional, but friendly and caring! I can’t say enough about them. I would refer her and her office to anyone that needs help! She helped me through one of the worst times of my life!

L.L. – 5 Stars

My experience with Embry Neusner Arscott and Shafner was amazing. Anything I needed they were there. over time they weren’t just lawyers they were family they helped me in so many ways from making sure I was financially stable to proper medical care . They did more then just get me a check they gave a new start a chance to get ahead in life an I am forever greatful. I am no longer broken thanks to them .thank you so much!!!!!

L.D. – 5 Stars

Awesome awesome my lawyer is down to earth “real” nice guy he’s personable he gets to know who you are before you go to trial. He loves bow fishing, how awesome is that.

J.C. – 5 Stars

I am very leery when it comes to attorneys and lawyers. However the staff and the lawyers at this office made me feel comfortable and quite frankly right at home. They listened and were quite helpful to all my needs and concerns.

D.D. – 5 Stars

I know that I had the very best lawyer from here! Outstanding reception staff, service and kindness! Thank you all for your outstanding service. You are worth it, and truly appreciated!

I deeply appreciate all your effort on my behalf in obtaining settlement on the various claims. I wish your family a healthy, safe new year.


A simple kindness makes a normal day extraordinary. You were so fast sending the papers to me. Thank You. It meant a lot to me.


I have needed the help of the Attorneys at this law firm in Groton by Electric Boat twice B4. They handled everything seamlessly. They’re the first ppl I think of when I have a legal question or issue. If U have a question or problem, this law firm is definitely the answer…

-Kentucky Mama


Who We Work For

Our work is for Groton and in service of its working class history.

Blue collar workers and families settled in Groton and worked in trade and shipbuilding prior to the American Revolution. After the American Revolution, during the early 19th century, Groton was rebuilt through trade, commerce, maritime and naval shipbuilding, whaling and seal hunting. Eventually, the city’s largest employer became EB, where the worlds’ most elite submarines are built.

This commitment to growth and prosperity also led to unknowns in health and the risks that come with those unknowns. These have impacted families and the blue collar workforce overall.

  • Blue Collar Workforce
  • Women
  • Spanish-Speaking
  • Manufacturing Trades
  • Military
  • Electric Boat